Vineyards of Provence

Le vignoble de Provence s’étend du sud d’Avignon jusqu’à Nice, sur la majeure partie de la Provence. Ce vignoble est marqué par une très grande hétérogénéité de situation tant pédo-géologique que climatique avec bien évidemment une dominance du climat méditerranéen strict mais également de zones plus froides où l’influence du vent est déterminante.

The entire sector is subject to the Mediterranean climate of Provence with homogeneous annual average temperatures: 14°C for the northern part and 15°C for the southern part of the area. The climate of this terroir is subject to a four-fold rhythm: two dry seasons (a brief one in winter, a very long one and accentuated in summer), two rainy seasons, in autumn (heavy and brutal rains) and in spring. Rainfall averages between 600 mm and 900 mm. The sunshine is more than 2,700 hours per year. Finally, wine-growing Provence is the country of «meso-climates», induced at the same time by a very disorderly relief, but also by the decreasing maritime influence from south to north. It is not uncommon to see a maturity gap of 2 to 3 weeks from south to north.

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